Bio-Flockett professional® - Grain mills

For over 40 years Bio-Flockett professional - the grain crusher from Sommer for the production of fresh flakes for muesli and other cereals, as ingredients for pastry and bakery products as well as wholefood dishes.


  • Compact and robust construction
  • Easy to use functions
  • No pretreatment of the crushed goods necessary
  • Special profiling of the crushing rollers and slow running gear motor for gentle grain processing
  • Manufacturing of various flake types by infinitely variable regulation of the crushing gap
  • On request: All parts in contact with the product can be made of stainless steel

Suitable for

  • Oats
  • Spelt
  • Similar grains

Standard features

  • Industrial motor about 73 rpm
  • Motor protection switch with CEE surface-mounted power plug 16 A (2-phase at 230 V, 5-phase at 400 V) with 2m supply cable
  • Rollers driven via gears for slip-free synchronous running
  • Rollers made of hardened steel
  • Crushing gap adjustment by finely graduated quick-set meachanism
  • Dosing slide for stepless feed regulation
  • Torsion-resistant, fully welded steel construction
  • Maintenance-friendly access due to foldable hopper
  • Food-safe coating (RAL 9001)
  • Bracket for mounting on load-bearing wall


  • Bio-Flockett 25 for small quantities up to 1kg
  • Bio-Flockett 150 for larger quantities at a throughput rate of approx. 200kg/ho

Technical data Bio-Flockett 25 Bio-Flockett professional Bio-Flockett 150
Throughput* kg/h 12 50 200
Engine power kW on request 0,75 on request
Voltage V " 230/400 "
Weight kg " 65 "
Dimensions mm (h x w x d) " 600 x 430 x 550 "
Hopper fill weight kg " 18 "
* ca. approx. data for oats
Accessories Bio-Flockett 25 Bio-Flockett professional Bio-Flockett 150
Table stand
Stand with castors
Drip tray